Thursday, December 2, 2010


       Major League Baseball is an organization with potential for great success from engaging in environmental stewardship, both for itself and for the environment. Some teams have already begun to convert their stadiums into sustainably running facilities. This paper examines three Major League Baseball Teams: the Washington Nationals, the San Francisco Giants, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. A mix of satellite imagery and research is used to determine what sustainable measures are currently in place and where there is room for improvement. Finalized satellite images that are used in the study include stable nightlight, NDVI LandSAT, and high resolution ortho-imagery.  It was concluded that major improvements that can be made relate to roof and parking area. Washington and Los Angeles have large roof areas that could be put to more beneficial uses. All three stadiums have exorbitant amounts of parking space which is not conducive to encouraging public transport to and from the stadiums. Dodger Stadium clearly has the most room for improvement in terms of its sustainable management, but it is also the only stadium of the three that is not LEED certified and has not completed its major conversions.