Thursday, December 2, 2010

Results- Research

Case 1- Washington Nationals

RFK Stadium
  • An interview with Devante White from facilities gave the following information:
  • ·         The stadium produces straight waste, there is only recycling in some of the buildings, but they are working on implementing it in other buildings
  • ·         Fresh water is the only water source
  • ·         Flushes in the bathroom are controlled
  • ·         Water to the stadium is only turned on during games
  • ·         Fluorescent light bulbs are used, but they are getting bids to change to LCD
  • ·         Public transportation is easy.  Access to the metro is 2 blocks away and the bus drops off in from of the stadium
  • ·         There is a huge amount of parking, “enough for the whole city”
  • ·         No green cleaning products are used
  • ·         No alternative energy sources
  • ·         The stadium is used year round so the field is always maintained

Nationals Park
Nationals Park has the following green features:
  • ·         LEED Silver Certification
  • ·         A sustainable site- the park was built on a brownfield
  • ·         Location is easily accessible to public transportation, including bus and metro
  • ·         Water conserving plumbing fixtures
  • ·         Energy conserving light fixtures
  • ·         Building materials contain a minimum of 10 percent recycled content
  • ·         Interior materials have low VOC contents
  • ·         Many of the building materials were regionally produced
  • ·         Landscape plant materials are drought resistant
  • ·         Roof materials offer high reflectance
  • ·         A 6,300 square foot green roof
  • ·         Construction waste was recycled
  • ·         A water filtration system that separates water used from cleaning from rainwater and treats both sources before it is released to the sanitary and stormwater systems.  Organic debris is screened before entering stormwater system
  •       Forest stewardship Council certified wood where possible
  • Energy efficient field lighting


Case 2- San Francisco Giants

AT&T Park has the following green features:
  • ·         LEED for Existing Buildings, Operation and Maintenance certification
  • ·         The Gilroy Garlic Fries stand is a sustainable concession stand.  It was retrofitted with open fryers that reduce gas and cooking oil consumption.  Standard lights were replaced with High Lumen lights and ballast lamp starters.  Signage is made with 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable materials.  Drink cups are recyclable and serving trays are compostable.  The paint used for the stand is environmentally friendly.
  • ·         A Green Team with designated employees to help fans with their recycling and composting of trash.
  • ·         Photovoltaic panels
  • ·         Lighting retrofits including replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lamps, installing motion sensor lighting, replacing concourse signage lighting with infrared high output lamps, installing Dyson hand dryers, and installing stripe curtains in walk-in refrigerators.
  • ·         A recycling and compost program that has diverted 40 percent of waste from landfill.
  • ·         Water conservation including: the installation of a new irrigation clock to make sure watering occurs only when needed, the usage of an amended infield mix that should reduce field watering, the usage of a more efficient irrigation head.
  • ·         Transit friendly – Accessible by all public transit systems in the SF Bay Area, including bus, train, and ferry.  The stadium encourages fans to take public and alternative modes of transportation.  On-site valet bike parking is available. 

Case 3- Los Angeles Dodgers
An interview with Jose Montoya from the facilities department gave the following information:
  • ·         Everything at the stadium is recycled, including pallets, metals, and plastic
  • ·         Rubbish is collected in one bin and then sorted at the landfill
  • ·         Fresh water is used in all locations
  • ·         Some water fixtures are low flow and restrooms have waterless urinals
  • ·         The stadium has plans to use recycled water
  • ·         They have an agreement with MTA to provide public transportation by bus
  • ·         The field is maintained year round, the stadium is used for various events in the off season
  • ·         Green chemicals are used for cleaning
  • ·         They are transitioning to LED lights and solar energy