Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Off topic of athletics, but great motivators for change!!

The following videos, as you will see, obviously have nothing to do with athletics but they are awesome in providing motivation and concrete reasons for why sustainable actions NEED to be embraced.

Check 'em out!!

The Story of Stuff- a video about the cycle, or lack there of, of consumerism and why we should limit the amount of 'stuff' that we use.  Especially plastic and disposable stuff!

Carteret Island- Climate change is not debatable.  People get confused about this fact, they think that the existence of climate change and global warming is what scientists are debating when in fact all science proves that global temperatures are currently changing in the upward direction.  What is being debated by science is the cause of this warming, whether it is natural climatic fluctuation or whether it is because of excessive anthropogenic inputs of carbon and green house gases into the atmosphere.  Either way, temperatures are rising and bringing the sea level up along with it!  This video shows the effects of sea level rise on one island community.

The Story of Bottled Water- I have been an advocate against bottled water for quite some time now.  The amount of energy, material, etc. that goes into the production of bottling water, something that we can get straight from our taps, is mind boggling to me!  Check this video out for some awesome reasons why reusable canteens are your friend!!