Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Show Time: NRDC/MLB Coalition promos

In my search for what is planned to make this year's playoffs and World Series environmentally friendly, I came across these video clips.  They are informative both about what many MLB teams are doing and why it is important for the League, and big business in general, to adopt green habits and practice environmental stewardship.

Major League Baseball Teams Up With NRDC
:31 spot that played during the 2011 World Series.  What's on deck for this season's post season?

MLB Goes Green With NRDC
2008:  MLB Greens All-Star Week
Lots of options.  Lots of audience.

Major League Baseball Goes Green
2010, 4 minutes: Information about the coalition between NRDC and Major League Baseball to protect the environment.  A little slow, but there are great references to techniques that should be adopted and why they are important.