Tuesday, November 6, 2012

UCLA wins California!

On this Election Day, it's fitting to spend a little time talking about America's battleground states: the ones with the most ferocious in-state college-football rivalries, that is.
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To find out where the public stands on important issues such as whether Florida is more popular with Floridians than Florida State, The Wall Street Journal compiled data from Public Policy Polling, a firm that periodically asks sports-related questions. The surveys, which asked respondents in 15 football "swing states" which school is their favorite, were conducted over the past two years.
The college-football battleground map looks a bit different than the political one. Ohio is the furthest thing from a tossup: 70% of respondents in a PPP survey said they're fans of Ohio State, Ohio's sole traditional power. But the electorate is split elsewhere: Arizona and Arizona State are dead even. Brigham Young (35%) has a narrow edge over nearby rival Utah (33%). Other results were surprising—like Southern California's poor showing in the Golden State. For a full electoral report, see below.