Monday, February 18, 2013

Describe your career goals: Education through green sports.

As said in the previous post, I recently submitted application to continue with education in the environmental field.  My goal is to further my education so that I will be better equipped to join and improve the green sports movement, particularly to green the MLB.  
The grab bag of essays I ended up writing sort of turned into a call to action that I have been waiting to share.  The following is a truncated response to a "Describe your career goals" prompt.

Major League Baseball (MLB) seats more than 74 million fans each season, fans that admire and trust the actions of their favorite teams.  Professional sports teams must tap into the opportunity that they, as civic leaders, have to educate fans about the environment and inspire a shift in consciousness in the community.  A (graduate degree) will position me to help MLB harness their leverage and create a League-wide community outreach program engaging fans in the green sports movement through education and inspiration to live sustainable lives.

Education: Teams must teach their fans about what they do to protect the environment and why it is important to do so.
Inspiration: Sustainability efforts must extend beyond the field and encourage fans to green their daily habits.  Teams need an incentive program rewarding fans for actions like taking public transportation. 

These objectives require more than a will to protect the environment.  I am undertaking a career heavily rooted in business and therefore must be well versed in all pieces of the sustainability equation: environment, social equity, and economy.  The latter is often forgotten, but I recognize as necessary to develop well-rounded environmental sustainability proposals for organizations.