Friday, June 6, 2014

I love LA. A for Angeles, not Air pollution.

**Disclaimer:  I know I was not helping the situation by taking these photos from a car.  Please excuse that bit of irony.  

I'm not sure why, but since I've been back home in So Cal, I've been even more bothered than normal by the very visible air pollution.  Maybe it's because Robyn and I have been talking to our Energy Smart 6th graders about it -- I use my home as an example: "Sometimes the air quality would be so bad we weren't allowed to play outside during school!" -- that hits home with the kiddos. :)

I've always described where I'm from, the San Gabriel Valley in particular, as having an orange-ish tint to it but the longer I live away, the more blatant the constant tinge of gray (and even orange, depending on heat) that covers all of Los Angeles County seems to become.

What really shocks me is how difficult it is to make out the mountains/hills that are never very far way.  They are actually RIGHT behind my parents house, and if you're down at the grocery store about 1 mile away you can already notice a difference in visibility.  

I've snapped some photos that I wanted to share with you all-- most are of the air pollution, but there are others depicting additional environmental issues.  Captions on each are included to try and describe what they are of.  I realize that these things aren't the easiest to see in photos and even harder for those who have never seen these things before, but thought I'd try.

Photos here:

Whenever I comment on my thoughts about the air quality to my parents they always tell me how much WORSE it was when they were growing up and my age --- terrifying.

Los Angeles: Every time I am back I am overcome by how much I love the city and all it has to offer.  However, it never fails that I am almost instantly turned off by the fact that I can hardly see the things that I am trying to admire...  

My suggestion:  Complete that transportation system!  I know it's happening, and I really do commend the Metro system on what it has to offer, but there are many destinations left out and the number of transfers required deter potential riders-- particularly those like me who would need to get from Glendora to Santa Monica.  I've made the trek multiple times.  It's not an easy one, and definitely is not something that can be done twice in one day.