Sunday, August 17, 2014

Green Stadiums Lineup

In order to achieve sustainability success and be a truly environmentally responsible operation, teams and stadiums have to tackle many different functions and categories.

1. Water Conservation - Are all fixtures low-flow fixtures (meaning that they use less water without compromising performance)?  Are the irrigation systems efficient and free of leaks?

2. Public Transportation - Are public transit options available and easily accessible to stadium guests, therefore reducing cars on the road?

3. Waste Diversion - Recycling, compost, and food recovery.  Are efforts made to reduce waste sent to landfill by recycling, composting, and sending leftover concession food to be used elsewhere?

4. Energy Efficiency - Are lighting, HVAC, and other systems updated and working properly?  Can they be replaced or retrofitted to use less energy?

5. Renewable Energy - Do you have the infrastructure to create energy on site?  If not, are renewable energy credits purchased?

6. Purchasing and Sourcing - What are all office supplies, concession products, etc. made off?  Where are they and food supplies coming from?

7. Storm Water Management - What happens to water run-off from your site?  Can it be captured and filtered into the ground before it makes its way to the storm drain?

8. Air Quality - Indoor and outdoor.  Are chemicals and toxins kept out of the air by using low or no-VOC paints and materials?

9. Fan Engagement - You're an idol.  Is an example being set and SHARED WITH FANS so that they can be inspired to take similar green actions at home?