Thank you for stopping by! Whether you're new to the movement or know all the plays, we're glad you're interested in sports and sustainability.

It's called Greening the MLB, but we don’t discriminate against any sport. (We're also fully aware that it's MLB not the MLB -- read it as Greening the League.)

This blog was created in 2010 as a means for turning in a senior project at UCLA -- using remote sensing to assess the sustainability of MLB stadiums. Weird, I know. But sports and sustainability are my passions and our professor, Tom Gillespie, challenged us to do something that we cared about. So Greening the MLB was born.

Since then, I've used the platform to report on various (admittedly, haphazard) green sports topics. This particularly means one of two things:
1.) reports on happenings in the green sports space or
2.) analysis and thoughts on the movement and its potential for driving sustainable behaviour change.

The latter is core to green sports: Leveraging the power of sport to norm sustainability, motivating fans to follow suit, adopting sustainable behaviours and consumer habits at home, work, and play. It's a middle --> bottom --> up process that will help transition the economy from one of shear growth to one of true prosperity.

Specialties: Ideation and identification of opportunity, positivity and faith in the movement, asking for more

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